Welcome to our blog! Let’s start with answering some questions that might be on the top of your head.


Danish is pursuing his PhD in Natural Language Processing (NLP) at Carnegie Mellon University and Mansi is a Machine Learning Engineer at Twitter. (Sorry, I can’t verify your profile). We recently got married and live in Pittsburgh.


We like to read and discuss a wide range of topics with our friends. In our conversations, we articulate plausible theories, evaluate hypotheses, and develop philosophies.

We are starting Latent Factors to share some of the ideas that we think are interesting. We share ideas that satisfy either of the following (a) we deem them useful to the larger world, and (b) the thoughts are half-baked and could benefit from inputs from others (while giving us an opportunity to coherently express gaps in our understanding).


We are kicking off with a technical blog post, but we intend to write more broadly with topics spanning social, psychological, philosophical, and even personal concerns. We’ll contribute both individually and jointly. Here are a few things you might find here:

  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
    Both of us work in these two fields. Technical content on these topics abound, therefore we will primarily focus on outlining broad trends and social perspectives.
  • Higher Education (in India)
    Danish is pursuing his PhD and this topic is close to his heart.
  • Life coming the way how to deal with it.
    Our perspectives on life’s day-to-day questions, for instance, why we lose touch with our old friends, feel nostalgic yet don’t pick up the phone to call them? Suspiciously specific?
  • Books!
    Reviews of recently read books.

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